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The photo booth reinvented

The twineSTUDIO Photo Station is more than a photo booth, it’s a private social network for your event. With the free twineLIVE mobile app, guests mobile devices become a second screen for the event that lets everyone see, share, upload your event photos, and comment on the photos as they happen.

Twine booth image

Guests can’t miss the illuminated open booth design and will flock to it like moths to a flame.

The guided interface is so simple even uncle Ted can use it after his third Tom Collins.

The twineLIVE mobile app lets everyone get in on the action with a real-time gallery of all the photos as they happen.

With an ultra-portable design and small footprint, the twineSTUDIO photo station is perfect for events and venues of any size.


Snap it!

The twineSTUDIO interface is simple and easy to use.

  • Tap the “SNAP IT!” button to activate the camera.
  • Use the screen to position yourself in the frame.
  • After a quick countdown timer, the booth snaps your photo.
  • Don’t worry if the shot isn’t perfect, you can take as many pictures as you want.
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  • Get it!

    Join in all of the awesome events and keep them right at your fingertips for as long as you like. twineLIVE is a great place to collect, store, and reminisce all life’s events.


  • Get it!

    Enjoy all of your event’s photos in a continuous stream, with the ability to share and comment on all of the memories now or later.

  • Get it!

    Browse all of the images from the event quickly and easily. Simply touch an image to view, share or comment.

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Join it!

Once the twineLIVE app is installed, simply scan the event’s unique QR code using the built in scanner, and join the other guests. You’ll instantly see a stream of all the photos being taken with the twineSTUDIO photo station.

  • Capture it!

    The party doesn’t stop when you leave the twineSTUDIO. Have you ever taken a photo and heard “share that with me”? Yeah, that never happens. Easily share from your camera roll any of the moments you captured with all of the event guests.

  • Share it!

    Post your favorite photos to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or send them directly to your friends to show them what they missed! The entire gallery can be shared to your favorite social network, as well as with the person right next to you by displaying the event QR code on your phone.

  • Say it!

    There is always that “one photo” everyone talks about. Now everyone can join in the fun of trying to figure out exactly what Uncle Ted was doing!

Relive it!

The event may only be for the night, but you can still view, share, and comment on all of the photos long after the event is over. Did you get the candid option? You can still upload all of the great photos you took at the event from your camera roll as well.

Brand it!

Create your own branded photo station for any promotion, product launch, or fundraising sponsorship. Even the photos themselves can be branded. Measure your ROI with sophisticated photo impression tracking capabilities!

Are you an event PRO and want to apply your brand and increase revenue? Franchise opportunities coming soon!

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